New masterclass video to support application of the Readiness Assessment Framework

27 July 2022

A new masterclass video explains how to apply the Readiness Assessment Framework, a tool which can be adapted and used to evaluate current integration of and readiness for various services and devices that may improve quality of life.

The masterclass was developed to support independent applications of the Readiness Assessment Framework. It outlines what the framework is and the benefits of applying it, and takes viewers through each of the four stages of applying the framework:

  • Prepare
  • Research
  • Validate
  • Prioritise

It goes on to present tips for overcoming potential challenges when applying the framework.

We warmly encourage interested parties to adapt our framework and apply it to their own settings, and hope that the masterclass will facilitate this process. If you would like to discuss any ideas for its application, please contact us at

Other materials to support application of the framework, which use radioligand therapy as an example, include a user guide and a series of templates.

Thank you to all the experts who helped us apply the framework in radioligand therapy, and to Dr John Buscombe for his contribution to the masterclass video.