Coming soon

We will be launching the Radioligand Therapy Readiness Hub in late 2022. This online resource will be a collection of examples highlighting different ways of improving radioligand therapy’s integration into care. The Readiness Hub will aim to increase the sharing of best practice between different locations, care settings and cancer types. Ultimately, it will help with planning and delivering radioligand therapy to everyone who could benefit from it.

We are interested in understanding what activities have taken place to increase readiness and integration of radioligand therapy or paired diagnostics. Radioligand therapy is a multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral approach that requires careful systems planning to overcome potential barriers to its full integration. If you have managed to address some of these barriers, we would love to hear from you.

We are looking for examples of activities that:

  • aim to improve any part of the radioligand therapy delivery process
  • aim to raise awareness of radioligand therapy or provide training on the approach
  • are part of an official or unofficial initiative looking to improve readiness for radioligand therapy in the future.

Examples could include:

  • processes that are used to expand the infrastructure for molecular imaging services
  • using particular roles to deliver radioligand therapy (e.g. patient coordinator, nurse specialist)
  • the expansion of registries to include data on the use of radioligand therapy
  • the formation of care pathways to make the steps of referral and care clearer
  • patient education materials focused on radioligand therapy.

We have launched a survey to help us gather examples for the hub. Please click on the link below to share your experiences with us.