Increasing resilience in healthcare

This programme aims to highlight the importance of health system readiness and provide tools to assess this, with the goal of driving evidence-based policymaking.

Readiness assessment frameworks

Assessment frameworks are a useful tool to evaluate current integration and readiness for components of care. We have created a template framework that can be adapted for different diagnostics, treatments and monitoring systems.

When is the right time to think about health system readiness?

Ensuring the sustainable integration of improvements in care is a core component of a quality health system. Decision-makers must plan for the sustainable and timely integration of new technologies and processes into care.

What is health system readiness?

Health system readiness is the ability of a health system to promptly and sustainably adapt its policies, infrastructure and processes to support the integration of innovative approaches to care.

Healthcare is rapidly changing, so it is important that health systems are flexible and able to adapt effectively. Looking at one area of a health system in isolation is not sufficient; we must take a holistic approach to ensure that innovative diagnostics and treatments can be integrated into care in a timely manner, and that all people can access the services that could benefit them most.

Why are readiness assessment frameworks needed?

To create a health system that is ready to adapt to change, we must take a rigorous approach that allows for evidence-based decision-making and proactive policy action.

Frameworks are tools that can be used to help understand and solve complex problems, allowing us to proactively prepare for the future of healthcare. A framework enables us to assess the operations of a health system in a standardised and objective way. It can also help to ensure that people are asking the right questions in regard to health system improvement.

Data generated by applying frameworks can also be used to identify gaps in the provision of care. As the same framework can be applied in different settings, it can also enable comparison and learning within and between countries.

The Health Policy Partnership (HPP) has developed the Readiness Assessment Framework to evaluate current integration of and readiness for innovative approaches to care across a health system. The framework covers five key domains: governance, regulation and reimbursement, identified need, service provision and health information. Before it is applied, the framework should be adapted to a particular care approach to ensure that the data generated are specific, relevant and useful.

About Health System Readiness
About health system readiness

Applications of the Readiness Assessment Framework

The Readiness Assessment Framework can be used to assess health system readiness for a number of different components of care. We initially applied the framework to radioligand therapy, an innovative form of cancer treatment, to evaluate the extent to which the therapy is currently integrated within key areas of a health system and identify what is needed to better integrate it into cancer care.

Further applications of the framework are coming soon.

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