Why is readiness for radioligand therapy important in the UK?

The NHS and NICE have committed to delivering innovative therapies and improving cancer care,1 2 but must do so in a sustainable and robust way. For a highly multidisciplinary, targeted treatment like radioligand therapy, proactive, data-driven policymaking is essential to ensure health system readiness and successful integration into clinical care.

Policy action blueprint and situation analysis

The UK policy action blueprint and situation analysis form a suite of materials on the barriers and policy actions required to ensure a comprehensive integration of radioligand therapy within cancer care in the UK.

The policy action blueprint presents 13 policy actions necessary to improve the current integration of radioligand therapy and establish an important foundation for all future indications.

The situation analysis report is a comprehensive summary of the current levels of integration and readiness of radioligand therapy. Looking specifically at neuroendocrine neoplasms, lymphoma and prostate cancer, the situation analysis identifies the key policy barriers and opportunities for policy action and provides a clear argument for evidence-based policy change as outlined in the blueprint.

Supporting materials

The policy action blueprint and situation analysis report are underpinned by a series of working papers on governance, regulation and reimbursement, identified need, service provision, and health information. They provide a detailed analysis of the current level of integration of radioligand therapy and a view of the future.

The development of these working papers has been guided by the UK framework, adapted from the Radioligand Therapy Readiness Assessment Framework. It presents the key metrics and contextual factors assessed as part of this research.

UK framework and working papers

UK readiness assessment RLT UK Framework

UK framework

International Radioligand Therapy Readiness Assessment Framework


Radioligand Therapy Readiness Assessment Framework

Regulation and reimbursement

Radioligand Therapy Readiness Assessment Framework

Identified need

Radioligand Therapy Readiness Assessment Framework

Service provision

Radioligand Therapy Readiness Assessment Framework

Health information

About the UK health system readiness assessment for radioligand therapy

The UK radioligand therapy readiness assessment was led by The Health Policy Partnership with considerable input from a multidisciplinary UK Expert Advisory Group. The group had full editorial control over content of all materials, which reflect consensus among the group. All members provided their time for free. The outputs of this project are intended for educational purposes only and do not relate to any particular product.

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  2. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. 2021. NICE strategy 2021 to 2026: dynamic, collaborative, excellent. London, United Kingdom: NICE

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