HPP launches framework to assess health system readiness

04 July 2022

The Health Policy Partnership is pleased to launch the Readiness Assessment Framework. This framework can be adapted and used to assess health system readiness for a number of different components of care. Frameworks create a structure through which we can assess a health system. By applying the framework, users can identify what adaptations are needed across the entire health system to ensure the appropriate integration of a specific component of care.

Because the same types of questions are being asked, frameworks allow for comparison of readiness across systems and timepoints, which can facilitate shared learnings or help measure progress.

This framework is most suited to assessing system readiness for the integration of diagnostics, treatments and monitoring systems. For example, with the help of national expert advisory groups, we initially developed and applied the Radioligand Therapy Readiness Assessment Framework. Throughout this work, we learned what changes are needed across the system to prepare for the future of radioligand therapy. The value of taking a systems approach to assessing readiness, while still accounting for considerations unique to each component of care, was demonstrated in this work.

We encourage you to adapt and apply this framework to your own setting or area of interest. If you would like to discuss any ideas for its application, please contact us at info@healthsystemreadiness.com.

Click here to learn more about why readiness is important, and what readiness across the whole health system looks like.