Call to share experiences of integrating radioligand therapy into care

26 April 2022

HPP wants to better understand what actions and initiatives have taken place to improve the delivery of radioligand therapy.

It is evident that there are numerous potential barriers to integrating radioligand therapy into clinical care. And with many new radioligand therapies on the horizon, including for common cancers, careful system-level planning is required to ensure readiness for the treatment. We want to understand what is already being done around the world to overcome these barriers and increase health systems’ readiness for the therapy.

The information gathered will be showcased in an upcoming resource – the Radioligand Therapy Readiness Hub. The Readiness Hub will be a collection of best practice examples of improving integration of, or readiness for, radioligand therapy. It aims to increase sharing of best practice and learning between different locations, care settings and cancer types.

If you have been part of an activity that has addressed barriers to integrating radioligand therapy, please share your experiences with us. To participate, click here.

If you have any questions about the call for information or the Radioligand Therapy Readiness Hub, please contact us at