SPARC-Europe highlights patient experience of radioligand therapy in new video

9 March 2022

The Stakeholder Political Alliance for Radioligand Cancer Therapies (SPARC-Europe) has recently released a video of patient testimonies. The video aims to raise awareness of the benefits of radioligand therapy and outline some of the challenges to access. It is aimed at policymakers and the neuroendocrine cancer patient community.

We hear from three people with neuroendocrine cancer from different countries who have had radioligand therapy treatment. Tom from Ireland, Blanca from Spain and Luc from Belgium talk about their experience with radioligand therapy and what they see as the future of the treatment for people with neuroendocrine cancer.

They call for:

  • better access to the treatment in their countries
  • increased access to multidisciplinary teams
  • promotion and creation of networks between professionals in the field, in order to design effective, agile and high-quality care pathways
  • patient care coordinators to help smooth transitions between primary care hospitals and specialised hospitals.

To hear their full testimonies, watch the video here.
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