Radioligand therapy recommendations form part of submission to Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan

11 March 2020

Recommendations from the radioligand therapy policy report have formed the basis of a submission to Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan.

The plan will provide a much-needed strategy to address the burden of cancer in the European Union. The European Commission has opened a public consultation to gather stakeholder input on the plan.

The Health Policy Partnership is pleased to have contributed to this public consultation, building on the policy discussions around radioligand therapy at the European Parliamentary meeting and aligning with the European policy report recommendations. In order to optimise overall cancer treatment and radioligand therapy for all people with cancer in Europe, we urge the European Commission to prioritise:

  • greater public and professional awareness of the use of radioactive substances in healthcare
  • additional training and better integration of specialists delivering radioligand therapy into multidisciplinary care teams
  • adaptation of regulatory frameworks at the European Union and Member State level to be appropriate for innovative treatments, such as radioligand therapy
  • alignment of nuclear energy and health policies
  • a secure and consistent supply of radioisotopes
  • advance planning to secure sufficient infrastructure for delivery of radioligand therapy.

We hope that the Commission will consider these priorities in Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan to help mitigate existing barriers to the availability of effective treatment options, such as radioligand therapy.

The full submission is available to download on the European Commission’s website.