HPP presents at European Health Management Association webinar on fostering health system resilience

13 October 2022

The European Health Management Association (EHMA) is hosting a series of webinars that aim to share practical advice on health management and be a forum to discuss current trends, changes and opportunities in health management.

The Health Policy Partnership (HPP) presented as part of the EHMA’s webinar ‘Towards future-readiness: measuring health systems’ resilience’ on the importance of having clear objectives and an understanding of mechanisms for change from the outset in order to ensure easier implementation of innovations.

The webinar also focused on the importance of engaging relevant groups and stakeholders throughout a project to ensure its effectiveness. This webinar aimed to present best practice, practical examples and implementable solutions to improve health systems’ preparedness and rapid response to health threats.

A recording of the event is available to watch, along with more of the EHMA’s webinar series on fostering health systems’ resilience.